What Happens When the WIP is Done

Ahh…. Is there anything better than the sense of accomplishment? Aside from the sense of relief that comes right alongside it. You. Are. Done. Finito. The end.

And hear that? That’s your social life calling. That’s your weekend back. Why yes you can go to that concert and yes you can spontaneously go shopping and no you don’t care that your mom called during your special writing time because you are taking a break!

You’re done. Done done done. Celebrate with some wine and chocolate. Stay away from the computer for a while. You’re going to live the life for a few days. You’re going to go to the bar, cook a lavish dinner, read 500 books, SLEEP, call up all your friends, take a trip, have an adventure, take up running, watch endless movies… Anything that isn’t sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, indulging the voices in your head, clacking away until your wrists ache and your eyes turn bloodshot.

It’s time to have fun now, dammit.

And no, you’re not bored and listless when Writing Time comes around again. You’re not wandering the house/apartment like a zombie looking for its head. You’re not a little put out that Significant Other is tired of watching endless movies with you. You’re not tired of watching endless movies yourself. You don’t stare at the clock in frustration, wondering what you’re supposed to do with this strange thing called Free Time.

And no you aren’t getting snippy with people. No you aren’t suffering mood swings. You did not just eat a pound of chocolate. You do not glare at your computer whenever you pass your desk (or kitchen table, as the case may be). You do not click refresh on your Facebook feed twenty times in a row. COME ON YOU ARE PERFECTLY STABLE.

Your fingers itch and your mind suffers crippling spasms.

Relief? Accomplishment? Social life? Relaxation? What are these things? You are a writer, one who has no WIP.

A writer.

Who is not writing.

But not for long, of course. Very soon you’re back at the old word processor or sprawled in the armchair with the doodles and ideas for your next WIP, something to cleanse your palate before going back for edits. And after ten minutes of sitting there, working again, you feel your shoulders relax and you say, Ahh….


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