New Website

So, funny story behind this new website: Back when I was thinking about starting a blog, I ended up on by accident. The words server and hosting were more than a little prevalent on those pages, so I fled back to Blogger, stupidly unaware of the dot-com version that I needed to be looking at.

But, after seven or so months of trying to find ways to make my Blogger blog look like a WordPress blog, I’ve made the switch. It’s been real, Blogger, but this feels like a step up.

Which I guess is what this is about. Paying for a domain name, switching to the slightly-more-professional-looking WordPress — it’s my way of taking myself a little more seriously. Not that I didn’t take myself seriously before, but there’s a difference between taking oneself seriously and publicly taking oneself seriously.

Also, WordPress allows real em dashes. That little formatting benefit cannot be overstated.

In all seriousness, I’m weirdly excited. I’m excited about the new website, the new year, the books I’m planning to read, the exercising I’m seriously going to do, the queries I’m going to send, the books I’m going to write. It’s a weird feeling, but a good one.

And, since this post is really without substance, here’s some music to make up for it:


2 thoughts on “New Website

    1. Lura Slowinski

      Whoops, apparently comment moderation was on, sorry. Aside from little settings like that that I’m still discovering I need to adjust, the experience has been wholly positive. WordPress is so much better than blogger that it’s hard to believe they’re even direct “competitors.”

      I don’t know much about Disqus but I am intrigued. Mostly I haven’t been able to figure out the real benefit to it, which probably means I’m missing something and need to do more research.

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